What's Happening at the Orphanage.

Very Sad Situation 

Hopeless life can be so tormenting especially to little children. during my community visit on Friday I met this little lady by the name Rachel Awuor. who is 7 years old in 3rd grade. Rachel was washing utensils outside the room. Being it was Friday I expected Rachel to be in school and so I stopped my motorcycle and ask her why she wasn't at school. Having  flashback, the same life I went through. Rachel was so sad and was not free to talk or share, instead crying, but with my little skills I made her talk as we went down inside the house, I met one young boy Wilfred Ochieng who looked hopeless in the small old house. Rachel missed school because, after the death of her mother they were left with the father who was taking care of them and then the father get married to another woman who was taking care of them and unfortunately the father died and left them with their stepmother, because of the pain that many woman's undergo during the time of birth, the mother was left pregnant and when she was about to give birth she died of labor pain and the children remains orphans.

Rachel again explained that she missed School because nobody was able to remain with her brother and also she was the one responsible for making food and looking for food for the brother and for herself. It is true that the children needs our help and support. They need to be in school to achieve their dreams in life. They need a very good shelter and live a better life like other privilege ones.

Rachel wants to be a pilot, while the brother wants to be a teacher. They too need foods, clothes and shelter. Let's join hand on this powerful mission.

Having Fun at the Orphanage

It's Harvest Time in Our Garden

Felix Ochieng in Need of  Medical Attention 

Hello great men and women of God how are you doing?

just a few days when Felix ochieng 3 years old knocked his leg on his way to school. Felix is now on his bed every time night and day time, Felix is now undergoing a very serious pain and crying every day. please pray for his quick recovery.

We know these are graphic photos, but we want you to be informed of what is going on. This is one of the reason why we so desperately need a van for the ministry. 

Our orphanage is at risk of the government shutting it down. Which means the children will be back out on the streets. Following the heavy downpour of rain, a very serious problem has occurred in the orphanage. Our toilet collapsed and we thank the Lord that non of our children got injured, praise and glory to God. Since toilet is needed in everyday, please help us by praying and donating for the rebuilding of the new toilet.  The orphanage operates only on donation from people like you.  Thank you for caring. 

On a positive note the children got their uniforms and they are ready for school.